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Dear Colleagues,

Korea is rapidly becoming an aged society unprecedented in the world, and we are at the forefront of entering the super-aged society where the population over 65 is more than 20% of the total population. At this point, more and more people have interests in the quality of the life of old age and healthy old age than ever. In addition, we are urgently demanding a quick response from the medical community for changes in medical policies as well as socioeconomic problems.

Since the government policy and medical welfare policy for the elderly health policy including dementia are active, it’s time when the role of Korean Academy of Geriatric Rehabilitation Medicine is very important as a response society.
I believe Korean Academy of Geriatric Rehabilitation Medicine founded in March 2010 focusing on rehabilitation specialists should do its best to play a responsible bridging role with the ministry of Health Policy for the Elderly and advise them in addition to the importance of social policy functions on an academic framework for the basic and clinical aspects of geriatric rehabilitation medicine accumulated in the meantime.

March, 2016
Lee Yang Gyun,
Chairperson of Korean Academy of Geriatric Rehabilitation Medicine